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The Team

Maslanka & Co. has a team of  professionals who are skilled and specialised  in the various areas of Industrial Property and other disciplines linked to it. They are experienced in both legal and technical aspects, bringing to the firm the capacity needed to manage any IP-related issue both in Spain and around the world. The versatility of each of the members of the team has rendered the team capable of joining businesses in their decision-making processes, as well as capable of adapting to changes and new trends on the market.

General Management

Dorota Maslanka

Accredited IP attorney with the authority to act as a representative in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the Polish Patent and Trademark Office.

She holds a B.S. in Chemical Sciences and has ample experience in Industrial Property. She has focused her career on this specialisation in law. In the firm, Ms Maslanka is who sets the guidelines for files.

Strategic consultancy, IP right management, drafting reports on issues relating to IP protection, patentability and infringement analysis, preparing patent descriptions and related proceedings, searches, licenses, litigations, consults, and opinions in the areas of chemistry, pharmacy and engineering, and chemical processes are only some of the areas in which Ms Maslanka specialises. In recent years, her versatility has led to Ms Maslanka developing her profile as a specialist in preparing expert reports and conducting oral proceedings in the European Patent Office.

Dorota Maslanka

General Management

The Team

Tamara Martínez

Legal Dept. Coordination.

Law Graduate.
Master’s in Legal Practice and Advocacy.
Master’s in Criminal Law.

Ms Martínez provides legal and administrative assistance to clients. She is in charge of handling trademark oppositions, infringement cases, and other legal disputes, as well as preparing legal documentation needed for IP prosecution. She also helps out with details relating to files in addition to performing monitoring and surveillance functions./span

Hugo Gil

Patent Dept. Coordination.

Mechanical Engineer.

Mr Gil provides technical and administrative assistance to clients. He is in charge of preparing and prosecuting patent applications. Given his technical profile, he also draws up patent specifications, prepares the technical defence, and writes patentability and infringement reports.

Fabiola Cabezuelo

Trademark Dept. and Administration Dept. Coordination.


Degree in English Studies.

Ms Cabezuelo is in charge of preparing and prosecuting trademark applications. She helps out with all the details relating to files, and also performs file monitoring and surveillance functions.
She is also responsible for the administrative management of the firm and direct contact with clients.


All the members at  Maslanka & Co. regularly attend professional courses, chats, and webinars and are fully up-to-date with all legislative changes enacted, which is part of the firm’s commitment to continuous growth and learning. The team’s participation in training actions enables it to be aware of all the legal and case law amendments that are made. This all favours the capacity of Maslanka & Co.to offer effective advisory and other services to its clients